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Grace Academy is a Private Satellite Program (PSP) that offers homeschool family students access to classes taught by professional teachers. The majority of instruction is done at home by families and Grace Academy will support these efforts with dynamic core instruction. Grace Academy welcomes your application, and provides the following information to guide your enrollment process.

To take the next step in Christ-centered education for your student, please review and complete the Grace Academy enrollment materials. 


Once completed, Grace Academy will process your application and schedule an interview with you and your child to discuss your application, the Parent/Student Handbook, and whether Grace Academy is a good fit for your family. If Grace Academy is an educational fit for the needs of your child, you will receive an admittance letter and a request for an initial registration fee. Tuition, sponsorships, and additional details will also be discussed during the family interview meeting. 


It is the intention of Grace Academy to offer an affordable Christian education. Student sponsorships from family members or donors may be available to offset fees along with opportunities for a limited number of scholarships or service-based tuition discounts. Further details on sponsorships and scholarships will be provided when available under “Support.”


Applications are open to all Christian families who have children entering grades K-8 in the Fall of 2022. Although applications will be accepted for grades K-8, at this time Grace Academy anticipates beginning with K-6 enrollment for the first year and will consider grades 7-8 based on demand and capacity. Admissions begin March 20, 2022, and online application materials will post here when available.* 

*Please note: Though our goal at Grace Academy is to be as accessible to as many Christian families as we can, space will be limited, so please keep that in mind as your family makes its education decisions.

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