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Teacher-Parent-Student Compact

As a ministry of Grace Community Church, the mission of Grace Academy is to serve as an equipping educational partner with Christian families, proclaiming Christ and His Word to support students in their intellectual growth and character formation.


Grace Academy is a hybrid educational program, combining the best aspects of Christian private school and homeschool. In this Christ-centered academic community, credentialed teachers will provide in-class instruction approximately 14 hours per week, along with approximately 16 hours of at-home instruction led by parents following a thoughtfully designed curriculum.


The Grace Academy Teacher-Parent-Student Compact outlines the responsibilities that Grace Academy staff and teachers, parents, and students have to each other in order to fulfill the mission of Grace Academy. We recognize that this partnership is necessary to achieve the mutually desired outcomes of intellectual growth and character formation.

Grace Academy

Grace Academy understands the importance of a positive educational experience for all students and will serve as educators and models for students. Grace Academy faculty and staff will be accountable and fulfill these responsibilities by:

  • Honoring Christ by obeying the commandments of the Bible

  • Providing rich learning experiences, curriculum and instruction in a nurturing and effective environment that enables students to explore academic interests, develop intellectually, and learn foundational doctrines of the Christian faith.

  • Maintaining excellent communication with parents through:

    • Ongoing narrative and assessment feedback on your student’s academic progress, including a report card.

    • Opportunities to volunteer and participate in their student’s class, Academy events, and Friday mixed activity days.

    • Parent and community events, outreach, courses, and/or conferences led by the Grace Academy staff.

  • Addressing the learning needs and strengths of students.

  • Providing approximately fourteen hours of weekly on-site instruction at Grace Academy.

  • Providing instructional materials for parents to use for at-home instruction.

  • Providing homework packets and assignment outlines for students to complete during at-home days.

  • Providing a safe and healthy learning environment with adult supervision throughout the day.

  • Communicating clear behavioral expectations for students and supporting the development of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.

  • Providing parent curriculum and instruction nights to support homeschool instruction.


Parents recognize and understand that it is their personal duty to support the intellectual development and character formation of their student in accordance with Scripture. Parents will be accountable to fulfill these responsibilities by:

  • Honoring Christ by obeying the commandments of the Bible.

  • Providing the majority of their child’s education (the equivalent of 16 hours a week).

  • Following compiled and assigned homework by the Grace Academy faculty, resulting in regular completion of homework.

  • Providing an effective learning space at home and committing to a home environment that supports learning.

  • Working with Grace Academy by attending telephone and/or in-person conferences and attending parent curriculum and instruction training sessions.

  • Bringing your student to school on time during on-site instructional days and ensuring that your student is in regular Grace Academy attendance.

  • Recognizing and affirming that the full Grace Community Church Doctrinal Statement will be taught during classes and during Chapel. Parents have the obligation to support and not undermine Grace Academy’s teaching of these doctrines.

  • Fulfilling financial commitments by turning in payments on time.

  • Maintaining membership (or the equivalent) at a bible-believing, evangelical church.



Students have a high responsibility for their personal success. Students will fulfill their personal responsibilities both during home-school and Grace Academy days. Students will be accountable to fulfill these responsibilities by:

  • Honoring Christ by obeying the commandments of the Bible

  • Maintaining excellent attendance and punctuality

  • Producing excellent academic work by listening carefully to directions, developing persevering work habits, and asking for help when needed

  • Cooperating by listening carefully to the teacher’s instructions

  • Completing all the work required by developing excellent work habits

  • Displaying respect to everyone in the school community and relating well with peers in social activities under the supervision of adults on campus

  • Being respectful to all school members and to school property


Additional details and agreements are affirmed and included within the Grace Academy Handbook. Severe violations of the Compact will be submitted to the Grace Academy Council for further review and direction. If the Council determines that the Compact is not being followed, a variety of recommendations will be provided to resolve areas of concern. If not followed and rectified, a separation from Grace Academy may be required. Grace Academy looks forward to partnering with you in the education of your child.

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