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Admissions Timeline Update

There has been a great expression of interest in Grace Academy, and for this we are very thankful to the Lord and to the families who have applied. This abundance of interest means that our team has a lot of families to contact over the coming weeks. Therefore, we are updating our admissions timeline to accommodate demand.

Here is the update on the admissions process:


All families who applied will receive either a phone or in-person interview. If you have not yet received an interview or call, you will shortly. Thank you for your patience and interest!

If your family is scheduled for an in-person interview, we will contact you with available times to choose from. We will continue scheduling interviews and calls until the process is complete.

Admissions Decision

Following your phone or in-person interview, you will receive an email that indicates whether you are accepted or declined for admission. Please note that these messages will take some time and we will contact you as soon as possible. At this time of writing, Grace Academy has yet to send acceptance emails to anyone, but they will begin rolling out in the coming days.

Enrollment Deposit

In order to enroll and reserve your spot in Grace Academy, you will need to submit a deposit of 10% of your total tuition cost and a signed teacher/parent/student compact. You can enroll any time after receiving your acceptance letter, however, in order to reserve your spot you will need to enroll by the priority enrollment deadline below.

Enrollment Deadlines

The updated priority enrollment deadline is May 13th.

By May 13th, each family will have had an opportunity to:

  1. Have an interview

  2. Fill out a financial aid application

  3. Receive a scholarship award (if applicable)

  4. Accept or decline admission to Grace Academy

Payments will be processed online through an online payment that will be available in approximately 4 weeks. If you would like to make your payment before this time, please submit a check to Grace Community Church with the Memo line “Grace Academy Deposit” and the name of the student you are paying for.


Thank you for your interest and your support of Grace Academy. We look forward to getting to know and serve your family.


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