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Grace Academy is ready to work with you in partnership to support enhanced educational access to outstanding Christian education. The compelling hybrid model of this program serves a significant need for Christian families, and Grace Academy is ready to work interdependently with families and supporters to collaborate, share ideas, tools, and incorporate the best elements of educational models. 

The Grace Academy Council includes members from a variety of constituencies and backgrounds, including business and industry, higher education, primary and secondary education, and graduate programs including The Master’s University and The Master’s Seminary. This expertise includes experience from other community schools, community college and university settings, and business. Grace Academy is ready to work with churches, Christian schools, homeschool groups, and parents who support the mission, vision, purpose, and doctrinal statement. Council leadership is committed to excelling as well as working with you for years to come. There are so many opportunities to partner and support Grace Academy, so please reach out today!


There are so many opportunities to partner and support Grace Academy, so please reach out today!

Grace Community Church
13248 Roscoe Blvd.
Sun Valley, CA 91352

PHONE: 818-909-5723


Give to Grace Academy

The Grace Academy fee schedule is designed to be affordable, but this is made possible by the generous support and participation of many Christian families and sponsors. Your support matters immensely!


Grace Academy has ambitious long range plans to further meet the needs of Christian families in today's educational environment. Some of the highest priorities are to establish additional sites throughout the greater Los Angeles area, expand Grace Academy to include high school enrollment, and create a comprehensive curriculum to support families and schools around the world.

The fee schedule for Grace Academy makes it convenient for families and friends to sponsor a student's enrollment. This is a wonderful opportunity to support academically rich, biblical, family-centered education. Grace Academy is also accepting donations to support scholarships for families with the greatest financial need and establish the necessary infrastructure for this educational experience. To support Grace Academy, click the button below.



Contributing to Grace Academy supports the overall mission and vision and also helps with ongoing operations and curriculum development. Your investment facilitates progress on this worthy work and excellent Christian academics.


Whether from home school, public school, or private school backgrounds, Christian families share a common interest in rich biblical education and the ability of students to read and understand the Bible as well as God’s world. Grace Academy meets this need, facilitating a simple but intentional approach to education that is biblically solid, family oriented, and academically rich.


Grace Academy is focused on serving Christian families with efficient overall operational costs and is committed to using its resources well to engage families, expand supporters, and build engagement with this worthy endeavor. Grace Academy staffing will be prudent and appropriate, relying upon a network of highly skilled educational professionals. Please join the Grace Academy contact list if you are interested in supporting this work.

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