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The curriculum of Grace Academy is designed to not only be academically rigorous, but to produce wise and mature individuals, by placing God’s revelation as the starting point and guide for all academic inquiry.

For primary grades, Grace Academy curriculum focuses on academic fundamentals, such as the development of exemplary reading, communication, and math skills. As students mature, the curriculum expands to include a strong emphasis on critical thinking, enhanced verbal skills, foundational social sciences, literature, languages, arts, and STEM science disciplines. These curricula are designed to ensure that students can meet college preparatory subject requirements, succeed in higher education and their careers, and most of all be wise, skilled learners who live fulfilled lives, serving others and Christ. Grace Academy instruction will also incorporate elective opportunities to expand problem solving skills, engagement with technology, and academic innovation. 

The overall focus of instruction through Grace Academy is on excellent academics undergirded by a belief that God reveals himself in all academic areas to His glory, inspiring wonder in students. These curricula affirm that the highest academic achievement is accomplished when students identify God’s handiwork in all aspects of life.

Grace Academy has chosen curricula that best fits our hybrid model and will utilize traditional Christian curricula as the core. There are additional opportunities for supplemental instruction and online tools to further enrich learning, alongside teacher differentiation within the classroom. This model is the most balanced for our mix of families and learners, and provides a unified core for teachers and families to effectively follow together. 

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