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Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions regarding the mission and structure of Grace Academy, admissions and enrollment, academics, and student and family life. For any further questions not addressed below, email


What is the statement of faith for Grace Academy?

As our statement of faith, we have adopted the doctrinal statement of Grace Community Church.

It is our conviction that the beliefs detailed in this doctrinal statement are faithful representations of the Bible’s teaching on these matters. While parents and students are not obligated to hold to all of these doctrinal positions, they must agree to support Grace Academy in teaching them to their students.

What are some of the impact goals of Grace Academy?
  • Educate and graduate academically excellent and biblically literate students

  • Cultivate sound moral character in students

  • Ensure students can communicate thoughtfully and cohesively in both verbal and written forms

  • Motivate in students a deep, abiding love for Christ and His Word

  • Corroborate the desire for Christian families to embed a biblical worldview as the foundation to their children’s primary and secondary school education

  • Provide an alternative to current public and private school educational models through a distinctively Christian, hybrid educational support program

  • Prepare students for further educational and vocational opportunities


What does "hybrid educational program" mean?

Being a hybrid educational program means that Grace Academy combines the best aspects of Christian private school and homeschool. In this Christ-centered academic community, professional teachers will provide in-class instruction 14 hours per week, and parents will lead approximately 16 hours of at-home instruction, following a thoughtfully designed curriculum.​

What is the benefit of the Grace Academy model? 

Our hybrid model:

  • Maintains affordability for many Christian families

  • Delivers an academically excellent education to all students

  • Preserves independence from government oversight

  • Supports parents in taking control of their child’s education

Where is Grace Academy located?

The two locations for Grace Academy are Grace Community Church in Sun Valley and Faith Community Church in Santa Clarita.

I’m nervous about partial homeschool. What supports are available?

Grace Academy is committed to supporting families in this hybrid instructional model and will provide clear outlines and materials to support parents during at-home instructional days.

Grace Academy will take responsibility for supporting academic progress and keeping parents up to date on the academic ability of their child.

Grace Academy also directs students to tutors from The Master’s University, including graduates from educational credential programs, to give additional support to families during at-home instructional days along with further opportunities for educational remediation and enrichment.

Grace Academy will help foster community groups of enrolled families to cultivate mutual support networks.

What is the leadership structure of Grace Academy?

Grace Academy is under the authority of Grace Community Church and its elders.

General governance is provided through the Grace Academy Council. The Council consists of a small group of dedicated servants of Jesus Christ who care deeply about Christian education. Collectively, the Council has substantial, broad experience in education and administration in a variety of levels and settings. Grace Academy affirms that some of the most important education takes place in the home, and the Council works to superintend the work of Grace Academy to support parents in this challenging but rewarding venture.

Admissions & Enrollment

What is the cost?

Cost is $5,500 per student, with discounts for multiple enrollments as well as sponsorship, scholarship, and volunteer discount opportunities. More information about tuition and other financial considerations can be found on the Tuition and Financial Aid page.

Who can enroll and when?

Applications are open to all Christian families who have children entering grades K–8 in Fall 2024.

What are the enrollment steps?

Complete enrollment details can be found on the Admissions page. To summarize, enrollment steps will include the following:

  • Review the Admissions Requirements

  • Apply to Grace Academy (Initial Application)

  • Schedule a Family Interview

  • Receive Admissions Determination

  • Pay Enrollment/Tuition Fee

Does Grace Academy accept charter families? 

No, Grace Academy is unable to dual-enroll students who are registered through a charter school program.

What is the age cutoff for incoming kindergarten students?

As a rule of thumb, your child must five years old by December 31. 

What kind of curriculum/instruction should I expect? 

Grace Academy has chosen curricula that best fit our hybrid model, such that teachers and families can most effectively work together, and will utilize traditional Christian curricula as the core. The curricula will be modified by professional teachers to best meet the needs of students and to ensure that whether it is mathematics, literature, or the Bible, the material is presented with clarity and depth.

Are Grace Academy teachers credentialed? 

Generally, yes. Teachers at Grace Academy have graduated from a university teaching program or have equivalent experience. Because Grace Academy is not interested in meeting all state education standards, teachers may not have a current state credential. Additional instructional support may be offered by tutors or classroom assistants who may or may not have a teaching credential.

Is Grace Academy hiring?

Grace Academy is hiring experienced teachers (credential preferred) for elementary and middle school grades. Applications are available via the Grace Community Church Human Resources Department.

Does Grace Academy offer TK? 

Grace Academy does not offer a transitional kindergarten (TK) program. We suggest The Master’s Kids for those families interested in an educational program prior to kindergarten.

Who keeps student records and file with the state?

Records for enrolled students are maintained by Grace Academy. Records will include enrollment and academic progress details in a cumulative folder for each student. Grace Academy files all necessary paperwork and records with California’s Department of Education. As the educational program of record, students may only be enrolled in Grace Academy and may not participate in dual enrollment in other programs such as charter schools.

Student & Parent Life

What behavioral and academic standards should I expect?

Grace Academy students are expected to demonstrate academic integrity and admirable personal character, described in the student code of conduct agreed upon at the time of enrollment. High expectations for godly behavior both on site and at home help to guide the whole-student development of Christian scholars at Grace Academy.


We expect parents to be engaged in monitoring and correcting behavioral issues.

Are uniforms required at Grace Academy?

A general uniform will be required at Grace Academy, consisting of a set selection of solid color shirts, slacks, and/or skirts. These uniforms add to a respectful and studious environment on campus.

Does Grace Academy have COVID-19 mask and vaccination        requirements?

No. Grace Academy will not require masks or vaccinations for students or staff. Additional details will be available in the parent-student handbook.

Do students have an opportunity to attend chapel?

Weekly Friday morning chapel sessions will be an important opportunity for Grace Academy students to learn from God’s Word and worship together.

Are there extracurricular activities for my student?

Through volunteer-led activity groups, students will have the opportunity to participate in several optional organized extracurricular trips each semester to locations such as parks, museums, libraries, historical sites, colleges, and more. Parent participation in these activities is highly encouraged.

Are there opportunities to connect with other enrolled families? 

Yes. Grace Academy will encourage family communication networks, prayer and support lists, and opportunities such as carpools to facilitate meaningful relationships and support between families.

Financial Aid
Will there be tuition assistance available?

Yes, Grace Academy desires to work with all families to make our school financially accessible for your family. Scholarships, however, are limited. A financial aid application is available through FACTS. More information can be found on the Tuition and Financial Aid page.

How can I support Grace Academy? 

Grace Academy welcomes families and friends to sponsor a particular student's enrollment or to support our school financially in a more general way. This is a wonderful opportunity to support academically rich, biblical, family-centered education. Information about how to sponsor an individual student or give financial support to Grace Academy is available at

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