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The mission of Grace Academy is to serve as an equipping educational partner with Christian families, proclaiming Christ and His Word to support students in their intellectual growth and character formation.

Learning is Fun

Our Vision

​Grace Academy will steadfastly pursue academic excellence to God’s glory, growing students in wisdom, maturity, and love. We champion the sufficiency of Scripture, affirm the lordship of Jesus Christ, and proclaim the power of the Gospel in order that our families and students may make a lasting contribution to the kingdom of God. We place the Bible as the irreplaceable foundation of all academic inquiry and character development. 

Our Purpose

Grace Academy was formed to address the critical need for accessible, biblically faithful and academically rigorous Christian education in the 21st century. As a hybrid educational provider, Grace Academy offers a blend of on-site and at-home education as part of an intentional model designed to equip families with the best elements of homeschool and private school education in a supportive environment. 


Starting with the fundamentals in the early years, and growing to higher levels of critical thinking in the later years of instruction, Grace Academy exists to:

  • Educate and graduate academically competent and biblically literate students 

  • Cultivate a sound moral character in students

  • Motivate in students a deep, abiding love for Christ and his Word

  • Corroborate the desire for Christian families to embed a biblical worldview as the foundation to their children’s primary and secondary school education

  • Provide an alternative to current public and private school educational models through a distinctively Christian, hybrid educational support program

  • Ensure students can communicate thoughtfully and cohesively in both verbal and written forms

  • Prepare students for further educational and vocational opportunities to the glory of God

Doctrinal Statement

The Statement of Faith for Grace Academy mirrors that of Grace Community Church.


It is the conviction of Grace Academy that the beliefs detailed in the doctrinal statement are faithful representations of the Bible’s teaching on these matters. While parents and students are not obligated to hold to all of these doctrines, they must agree to support Grace Academy in teaching them. For all students, their teaching parent must be a member (or the equivalent) of an evangelical, bible-believing church. 


The sections below further describe the doctrinal commitments and Christian character to be cultivated by Grace Academy according to the mission, vision, and purpose.


The Grace Academy Council

The Grace Academy Council consists of dedicated servants of Jesus Christ who care deeply about Christian education. Collectively, the Grace Academy Council has substantial, broad experience in education and administration in a variety of levels and settings. Grace Academy affirms that some of the most important education takes place in the home, and the Council works to superintend the work of Grace Academy to support parents in this challenging but rewarding venture.

Teaching Faculty

With over 75 years combined teaching experience, spanning a broad range of disciplines, our educators share a passion for applying their varied expertise to the mission of Grace Academy. 


The curriculum of Grace Academy is designed to not only be academically rigorous, but to produce wise and mature individuals, by placing God’s revelation as the starting point and guide for all academic inquiry.

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