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Christian Education at the Highest Level

Partnering with families to provide accessible, professional, Christian education.

Grace Academy is a home-based private school that features in-person instruction by professional teachers, which will accentuate the homeschool education that students receive for the majority of the week.

Learning is Fun

Our Vision

Through the truth of Scripture and the power of the Spirit, Grace Academy will steadfastly pursue academic and moral excellence to God’s glory, so that students will grow in wisdom, maturity, and grace (Luke 2:52; 2 Peter 3:18). 

The Grace Academy Council

The Grace Academy Council consists of dedicated servants of Jesus Christ who care deeply about Christian education. Collectively, the Grace Academy Council has substantial, broad experience in education and administration in a variety of levels and settings.

How to Apply

Grace Academy welcomes your application, and provides the following information to guide your enrollment process.

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Latest News


Grace Academy is ready to work with you in partnership to support enhanced educational access to outstanding Christian education. The compelling hybrid model of this program serves a significant need for Christian families, and Grace Academy is ready to work interdependently with families and supporters to collaborate, share ideas, tools, and incorporate the best elements of educational models. 

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