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Putting Parents Back in School

Grace Academy's Commitment to Families 

It is no secret that public schools in California and across the nation are on a campaign to expel parents out of the classroom. Our children are no longer safe in the hands of state-sponsored educators, and parental rights must be restored and reinstated. After all, God designed the home to be the primary place of instruction for children (Deut 6:6–7) and parents have the supreme responsibility to adorn their children with moral and spiritual excellence (Prov 1:8–9). The church, then, provides shade for parents so that they are empowered and equipped to educate their own children.

Grace Academy was born out of a commitment to that divine design for families, and ultimately our children. We offer K–8 instruction in a hybrid model which prioritizes home-based education, complemented by three days of classroom instruction. Our mission is to partner with Christian families in equipping students intellectually and shaping their character through the proclamation of Christ and His Word. We strive to meet the crucial need for effective, biblically grounded education, working in enthusiastic collaboration with parents who are nurturing their children in knowledge and commitment to Christ.

Starting with the fundamentals in the early years, and growing to higher levels of critical thinking in the later years of instruction, Grace Academy exists to:

  • Cultivate sound moral character

  • Develop a deep, abiding love for Christ and His Word

  • Instill a biblical worldview

  • Foster a passion for learning and the pursuit of truth

Rooted in these foundational priorities, Grace Academy seeks to provide an excellent, affordable education to families. If you have a child entering grades K–8 in fall 2024, apply now by visiting

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