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Pastor John has long taught that education is foundational to the Christian, rightly noting that it is through education that knowledge can turn to wisdom under the Word of God. Indeed, Christians know that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, but many students today face a tremendous uphill battle in their formative school years. A dangerous gauntlet of ideologies and totalitarian impulses has transformed much of education into something worlds away from wisdom. 

Many families have turned to Christian private schools, homeschooling, or alternative learning options in order to avoid increased indoctrination and eroded educational quality. These are frequently good options, but sometimes families have no alternative but less than excellent schools. Moreover, quality alternatives in private education face an ominous future of hostility and threats to constitutional rights, reminding Christians to prepare for challenges ahead.

In spite of these educational alarms, it is heartening to witness an enthusiastic recommitment by Christian parents to their God-given responsibility to raise children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Effective and biblical education requires nothing less than passionate parental involvement in the worthy task of shepherding children into greater knowledge and commitment to Christ. 


To this end, the Elders have considered the needs of the families of Grace Church and have crafted a plan to start an affordable educational option known as Grace Academy. With a mission to partner with Christian families, Grace Academy will support students in their intellectual growth, character formation, cultivation of a biblical worldview, and enduring commitment to Christ. As a hybrid educational provider with learning both on-site and at home, Grace Academy will provide biblically faithful and academically rich support to families in the worthy work of children’s education while retaining the benefits of professional instruction and opportunities for relationships with peers and instructors. Planned to launch in Fall 2022, students at Grace Academy will study on-site for approximately half time during the week alongside home-based instruction. Applications are open to all Christian families who have children entering grades K-8 in the Fall of 2022.

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